July 21, 2024 3:07:19am

.: Welcome To Hillbilly !
Welcome to Hillbilly a free mafia-style browser based RPG, which means you don't have to download anything at all, you play it all in your web browser, and best of all you don't have to pay for anything. In Hitmen, you choose your own path. Whether you want to train your stats and become the strongest player, or be a socialite in our social network style game play, it is entirely up to you.
.: Features
Some of the features that HillBIlly has are as follows:
  • RPG-Style leveling system
  • Stats that effect what you can do in the game
  • Loads of crimes
  • Mugging and attacking of other players
  • Opportunity to earn lots of free points by completing free surveys
  • Bank to keep your money safe in
  • Complete gang system
  • Gym to train your stats in
  • Hospital that people are sent to when they get beat up
  • Jail that people go to if captured, but you can be broken out
  • Private Message System so you can contact other players easily
  • Event system to let you know when something interesting happens, so that you never miss a thing
  • Real-Time Chatroom to interact with other players
  • HRR Store where you can buy in game items and Membership to get ahead in the game using real money
  • Armor and weapons to raise your attack and defense in combat
  • A point system that allows you to recharge your energy and nerve easily
  • Houses you can buy and live in to gain higher max awake
  • Hall of fame ranking system where you can see the strongest and best players
  • A casino where you can gamble your hard earned cash playing the lottery, the slot machine, or the 50/50 game
  • Job system where you can get a job and make a certain amount of money a day
.: Screenshots